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The Karate-Do TEKISUIKAIKAN aims for

TEKISUIKAIKAN karate is a karate based on Shorinji-Ryu and Okinawa traditional Karate.

It has several excellent characteristics,such as respect for the proprieties,dynamic forms,the technique of the single blow bringing sure death and weapons.

I am aiming to enhance personal(spiritual) development.

Today many people realize the lack of exercise as a result of economic growth.

As a result of seeking material prosperity,we lose sight of richness in mind and the guts of independence

Let’s review our daily life and regain our health and richness in mind by Karate practice.


About Shorinji-Ryu Karate-Do

Karate began in Okinawa.

It began as a martial art of self-defense since weapons were banned in samurai society.

In Okinawa,from old times Karate-Do has been said that it's a material art for the man of virtue,and is also called the secrets of Nankai(the southern sea).

It was told as a technique which was taught only to the first disciple who succeeded him and never allowed to be taken out of the Dojo or the one handed down from father to his son.

Inheriting the tradition, I have been faithfully practicing the teachings of the initiator of Shorinji-Ryu Karate , Kyan Chotoku.

There is neither textbook nor video for TEKISUIKAIKAN,the traditional Shorinji-style Karate.

I will hand it down only through direct teaching.


The Dojo kun

The body strengthened by Karate is beautiful without unnecessary things.

The technique polished by Karate protects not only myself but also others.

The mind disciplined by Karate pure and clear


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